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STUMBL is looking to improve how doctors in A & E treat patients who have injured their ribs.  It can be very difficult to know how to treat these patients, as complications such as pneumonia may not develop until up to 72 hours later.

The study is running in Manchester, Newport, Salford and Taunton hospitals.  STUMBL is asking patients who arrive these A & E departments, with one of these injuries, to take part in the study.  Taking part involves discussing the study with a research nurse, filling out a questionnaire, and then filling out two more, 6 weeks after your first one.  The doctors may use a “risk score” (a set of questions) to help assess you.  This is extra to your normal care, but the doctor’s clinical opinion can overrule the “risk score.” 

 There is no direct benefit or risk to being involved in the study.  You do not have to be involved. 

Being involved may improve the way we care for future patients. 

You can view the complete participant information sheet here

Health and Care Research Wales fund the STUMBL trial.  Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board (ABM UHB) is sponsoring the study. 

The Chief Investigator is Dr Ceri Battle, of Morriston Hospital, Swansea.
If you would like to discuss the study further, speak with the researcher, nurse or doctor who told you about the study.
If you would like to speak with someone independent of the study, contact Mrs Karen James – Team Lead Respiratory Physiotherapist, ABMU Health Board, Morriston Hospital, tel. 01792 703124

There are excellent teams at each of our sites:
Newport’s site is run by Dr Sally Jones and her team
Taunton’s site is run by Dr James Gagg and his team
Salford’s site is run by Professor Fiona Lecky and her team
Manchester’s site is run by Dr Richard Body and his team


Study team contact: Zoë Abbott, STUMBL Trial and Data Manager, Email    





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