Ongoing Trials

Hughes Abdominal Repair Trial (HART): multi-centre randomised trial of wall closure technique to reduce incidence of incisional hernias ISCRTN Registration
Multicentre randomised feasibility trial evaluating early Surgery Alone In LOw Rectal cancer (SAILORISCRTN Registration
Dementia Early Stage Cognitive Aids New Trial (DESCANT)  ISCRTN Registration
Electronic Records in Ambulances to support the shift to out of hospital care: challenges, opportunities and workforce implications (ERA)
Inflammatory Response In Major Injury & Recombinant Human Erythropoietin (IRMINE pilot studyISCRTN Registration
Cluster randomised trial by ambulance station looking at Paramedic Acute Stroke Treatment Assessment (PASTA) Part of the Newcastle University PEARS Programme ISCRTN Registration
Rapid Analgesia for Prehospital Hip Disruption (RAPIDISCRTN Registration
Transient Ischaemic Attack 999 Emergency Referral (TIER) ISCRTN Registration
Study of the management of blunt chest wall trauma (STUMBL  & on Twitter) and ISCRTN Registration
Raman spectroscopy and colorectal cancer: towards early diagnosis and personalised medicine (RAMAN)

Recently Completed Trials

Refractory depression: Mechanism & Efficacy of DBT (RefraMEDISCRTN Registration
Predictive Risk Stratification Model: A Trial In Chronic conditions management (PRiSMATIC) The published trial protocol is available  here ISCRTN Registration
Dementia: Improving (staff) Stress & Satisfaction – Evaluation by Cluster Trial (DISSECTand the published trial protocol is available here ISCRTN Registration
Social Work Intervention following Self-Harm (SWISHISCRTN Registration

Older Completed Trials and Studies