Population Advice for Research Committee (PARC)

What is PARC?


South West Wales Research Design and Conduct Service (RDCS) supports healthcare professionals in developing research projects which answer questions beneficial to those who use their service.  RDCS supports these professionals to involve patients and service users in the research design and development of their trials.  There is often only a short period of time between needing the input of patients and service users, and so RDCS in the South West created the Population Advice for Research Committee (PARC). 


PARC is a group of people who are able to respond quickly to request for support by RDCS on behalf of their trials.  They have experience as NHS GP or hospital patients and/or other healthcare service users and/or as carers.  They are able to support the development of research funding applications by email and/or by attending meetings in or around Swansea. 


Members of PARC are also members of the Involving People network within Wales. 


If you would like to find out more about PARC you can email rdcs_parc@swansea.ac.uk

If you would like to find out more about Involving People Network you can visit the Health and Care Research Wales website (https://www.healthandcareresearch.gov.wales/involving-people-network/) or email research-involvement@wales.nhs.uk


You can follow South West Wales’ RDCS by finding us on Twitter https://twitter.com/rdcs_sww

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