What does STU do?   


STU is the SWANSEA TRIALS UNIT. We work closely with researchers from Swansea and other Universities, and the NHS across South West Wales and beyond. In partnership with these collaborators we run or have run nearly 40 trials valued at more than £20 million.  

Download  (in English or in Welsh) STU's 2016-17 report for Health and Care Research Wales .

STU offer methodological advice and support to clinical teams, both in designing new trials and in  applying for grants. After successful applications we work within trial teams to develop, initiate, conduct, manage, analyse and report funded studies.

Thus we aim to improve the health of the people of Wales and beyond by enhancing the number, progress and quality of trials in health & social care, with particular reference to secondary and emergency care, notably in gastroenterology and mental health.  We believe that clinical trials can only be delivered successfully where there is a commitment at every stage to including the experiences and expertise of patients and service users.

For more information on what Clinical Trials are and what Trials Units do.  Click here for a podcast from Prof Julia Brown, Director of the Clinical Trials Units (CTUs) Network outlining the function of CTUs

Even though you may not be in a trial you may be interested in being part of a large population based cohort called HealthWise Wales.  Here's a short video about thisl This is what our colleagues at HealthWise Wales have to say about their project

"Join HealthWise Wales. Protect tomorrow by helping today! HealthWise Wales is an opportunity for everyone in Wales aged 16 or over to take part in research for better health, care and wellbeing. Answering simple questions about your health and lifestyle will help to protect your health and that of your friends, family and future generations of Wales. For more information and to join HealthWise Wales visit www.healthwisewales.gov.wales"  

For general email enquiries stu@swansea.ac.uk